Sunday Club runs

We are proposing to start Sunday Club Runs in February and the idea of these runs is to develop aerobic capacity. These runs (continuous, steady, conversational pace) would vary from 45min to 2 hours and during the warmer weather would suggest starting at 6am on a weekly basis. These runs will be restricted to 14 years and over. The general principle would be that athletes run in packs of similar paced runners and no one gets left on their own. These runs could be held at various agreed venues but initially would like to base them locally at Carindale, Minnippi and Murrarie Reserves but start from the TEES clubhouse at Stanley Road, Carina. Car keys, etc could be locked in the club house.

This type of training session would add another necessary component to our athletes training and could be extremely helpful to a lot of our athletes and potential athletes for personal safety reasons or simply providing the motivation to run with company. The first Club Run will start from the TEES clubhouse at Stanley Road, Carina at 6am on February 15. Meet there at 5:40am to discuss the direction and course we are running and some points about running etiquette and safety for our group.

As these runs are intended to be continuous for the entire time you will need to carry water so that you can rehydrate on the run. For some athletes 45 minutes might be very easy and be assured intend progressively increasing the volume up to 90 minutes for most athletes and even extend up to 2hours for athletes with marathon and half marathon goals. For athletes who think they would struggle to keep running for 45 minutes continuously then the run could be broken down to two parts eg 25min run 1 min walk and 20 min run. All TEES athletes over 14 years are welcome. To make these Sunday club runs work we will need lots of runners so that everyone can run in a pack of similar paced runners. I would expect we could have packs running at about sub 5min/km pace; 5min/km pace; 5:30min/km, 6min/km, 6:30min/km ; 7min/km pace and possibly 7min/km plus pace. It will be a case of working out who you can comfortably keep up with and it will be a great help if you can indicate to Kevin Christison if you would like to run on Feb 15 and the approximate pace per km you would expect to run remembering that it is not a race it is conversational pace.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Kevin or any of the TEES committe members.

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