New TEES website launched

Hi club members and visitors,

Welcome to our revamped web site.  This new site is much more dynamic, and all members are encouraged to contribute content. 

Whilst some content such as "Club History" and the top part of the home page will remain static, other sections such as "News" and the lower parts of the Home page are constantly changing as you submit articles.  Submitted articles are really easy to write and you need no special software.  If you can type, cut and paste, you can submit an article.  Submitted articles can be just a few words or many paragraphs.  They can also contain links and pictures as shown to the right.

You can even paste directly from Word, Excel, or other web pages (as long as they do not contain copyrighted material).  Articles are viewed by moderators to check that they conform to site rules, and then added to a section of the website.

What's great about this kind of website is that you do not need to rely on one or two people that have some special software package installed on their computer.  With this type of system, all members can contribute content and need nothing more than a computer with an Internet connection.

The site is also interactive in that you can add articles to the Opinion / Blogs section, and others can submit comments on what you have written.  It's a more modern version of a forum or bulletin board.  For example you could use this to ask for others to join your relay team or suggest a Poll to appear on the home page.

For those interested in the technology, this site is based on a tool called Joomla, which is free open source software, and is used by more than 1 million web sites all over the world.  It also has all sorts of features and extensions to make your dynamic content more exciting.  For example the Polls, Recent Articles and Popular Articles features on the home page.  At the time of writing this, there are more than 4,200 extensions for Joomla.  The web site runs on a Linux server and uses MySQL as the database where all the articles are stored.

It's your site - enjoy it!

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