Chapter 4 - War again

The 1940's began with the Harriers experiencing their second period of war, with the inevitable results of more members enlisting, and athletic competition being limited.

The activities of the club continued during the early years of the war, but the effects of decreased membership due to enlistments soon became apparent, and the mid-week competitions at the Brisbane Cricket ground failed to attract large attendance, and were eventually abandoned.

Thompson Estate Harriers won the Association Cup for Interclub in 1940/41, and were runners-up in the Ambulance Cup competition.

In 1941, Thompson Estate Harriers contributed Two Hundred Pounds for the war effort which was placed into Commonwealth War Loan Bonds. Competition for the year was held at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds.

Because of the war situation, the Club went into recess on the 26th February 1942, with the existing officebearers being put into a "care-taker" situation until such time as the club was re-activated.

The Annual Report following is the last Annual Report of Thompson Estate Harriers prior to amalgamation with Eastern Suburbs Athletic Club following the end of the war.

Thompson Estate Harriers A.A. C.
'A' Grade Premiers, Ambulance Cup and Nissen Cup, 1938 Champion Club of Queensland


FRONT ROW· R. G Outhwaite. E. A. Marrin (Vice-Captain, Junr.), W. J. Burfein (Captain), A. Bonwick (President), A. Bonwick (Vice-Captain), M. A. Belshore (Captain. Hum.), G F. Burfein
SECOND ROW - H. Morris (Vice-Pres.), W. J. Flaherty, Junr.; C. G Grimley. R. Ragh, R. Anderson. E. C. Barnacle (Handicapper).
. R. T. Donovan. W. Flaherty (Vice-Pres.)
THlRD ROW - R. Tapper. J. Schultze. E. J. McNally. 1. J. Bosel, K. McCan, M. J. Baker, F. Bielby


Middle Distance Events-A. Bonwlck, 1st. Distance Events-A. Bonwick, 1st.
Field Games-A. Grimley, 1st.
JUNIORS. Spitnt Events-K. E. Waller and W. T. Sherwin.
Middle Distance Events-K. S. Campbell and 1. Wren. Field Games-K. E. Waller, 1st.

ATHLETIC REVIEW. INTER·CLUB COMPETITION. Although your Club was represented' in the Inter·dub competition, we keenly felt the loss of some of our members who have enlisted in the A.I.F. and R.A.A.F., R.A.N. and Mllitary Forces. Don McNiven was not available on account of accepting an appointment at Bundaberg. The Ciub's efforts In the Association Cup, Ambulance Cup and the Nissen Cup have given much satisfaction in the Track and Field Gcmes Season.

INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCES. All sections of the Club performed very creditably. In sprinting, Billy Burfeln was again supreme in winning every scratch engagement. Messrs. Graham Cooke, Cyril Day, Kev. Waller, G. Burfeln, W. Chapman. R. Outhwaite and C. Martin supported Billy In the Sprint Events. Billy Burfeln showed excellent form In the 440 yards and Bllly Chapman In the 440 and 880 yards. Albert Bonwlck showed good form In the 880 yards and 1 mlle events.

Iri Field Games the members showed a marked Improvement, the Club colours being very conspicuous In the Jumping events .. Cyrll Day, R. Beavis, Graham Cooke, Harry Strahan and Merv. Belshore were rarely unplaced in their respective events. Clive O'Neill, M. Belshore and Dave Outhwaite performed very creditably with the Discus, Shot and Hammer. All three proved to be the best Discus throwers. Special mention must be made of Kevin Waller who was the Club's most successful Junior.

OPEN EVENTS. Your Club's Vlce·Patron,' Mr. J. I. Brown, M.L.A., again donated a trophy valued at £1/1/· to encourage the membe·rs to enter for Open Events. This was won by your Captain, W. J. Burfein, who has now won the trophy for the fifth year In succession. We desire to congratulate him on his success.

Q.A.A.A. EVENTS. ST. PATRICK'S DAY SPORTS. 1.AWSON CUP. By the success of your members In these Sports your Club narrowly missed winning the Lawson Cup by one point. Results-IOO yards, G. Burfeln, 2nd; 880 yards, R. Tapper, 3ed.; 100. yards Junior, K. E. Waller, 2nd, W. T. Sherwin, 3rd; Harry Burton Memorial, 100 Metres, W. J. Burieln, 1st, K. E. Waller, 3rd; Leo White Memorial, 220 yards, G. Burfein, 3rd; Dave Scott Memorial, 100 yards.

LISMORE SPORTS. The Club was well represented at the LIsmore A.A. Clubs Anzac Day Sports. Your Captain, W.J. Burfetn was successful in winning the 100 and 220 yards championship; G. Burfein ran second In the 100 yards; Merv. Belshore won a valuable cup for his success in the 100 yards handicap. G. BurfeHn ran Into second place In thts Handicap.

Q.A.A.A. CROSS COUNTRY SEASON. From a team point of view your Club was not represented In the Cross Cauntry lOvents. Messrs. G. Brady and C. Schultze met with severe accidents while at work and could not take part In the Cross Country Season. Albert Bonwlck was the only Club representative In Cross Country Events.

Q.A.A.A. INTER·CLUB CONTESTS. Your Club entered two teams In the Inter·dub Contests. No.1 Team .was graded "A," and No. 2 Team "B." The Associations Cup was the first Contest of the Season. The A. and B. Teams combined, and were successful in winning the Cup. In the Ambulance Cup Contest for A. Grade, your Team was again runners·up. The B. Team contested, but were unsuccessful in their competition. The performance of your members was very creditable.

QUEENSLAND TRACK AND FIELD GAMES CHAMPIONSHIP. Allhough we were unsuccessful In winning the Nissen Cup the members have reason to be proud of their perform:mce. The Club was seriously handicapped by members being absent serving with the A.I.F., R.A.A.F. and the Militia Forces.
CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS. 100 yards, W. J. Burfein, Isl, Time, 10.1 sees. 220 yards, W. I. Burieln, 1st, Time 22.5 sees. 440 yards. W. J. Burfein, Isi. Time, 51.2 sees. Di.cus Throw, Merv. Belshore, ht, Clive O'Nelll, 2nd, and Dave Outhwaite, 3rd; Distance, 112 feet, lOin.. 120 yards Hurdles, H. G. P. Strahan, 2nd, and Merv. Belshore, 3rd. Javelln Throw, R. Beavis, 3rd.

To all members who were successful in winning Championships and gaining places, we oller our congratulations, and also the members who competed and were unsuccessful.

QUEENSLAND JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS. Kevin Waller and John Nelson were the only competitors In the Junior Championships. Keith Campbell and W. T. Sherwin were on the sick list, and forfeited their· chance of winning or gaining a place in the-lr particular Events. Kevin Waller ran second In the 100 and 220 yards respectively.

DECATHLON CHAMPIONSHIP. Your Club was represented by Merv. Belshore and Harry Strahari. Both performed very creditably. Merv. Belshore, who defeated the winner of the Title in 7 Events of the 10 contested, lost the Title owing to his Inability to run 1,500 metres.

F. W. NISSEN MEMORIAL RACE (3 miles). As In the previous year the F. W. Nissen Memorial Race was held over a cross country course at Rocklea. The three place men were H. ,Rohweder of Rocklea Club, 1st; A. Russell, 2nd; and W. Cole, 3rd; both of the Toowong Harriers. We desire to offer our congratulations.

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